Fine Art Finals - Graduation Show ArtEZ 

Feet in Bending Stance (Video Work)

Part of The Magic Happens Outside the Magic Circle

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Mane un Bukét/Bouquet di Flor cu Wowo Sera (Photography series)

Part of artist in residence program: Caribbean Linked IV (AUA)

Mane un Bukét/Bouquet di Flor cu Wowo Sera 


Caribbean Linked IV

The Magic Happens Outside the Magic Circle

(Sound installation - Four channel audio track pressed on vinyl)

Part of exhibit: Solutions to a non-existent problem


The Solution is Pink

Part of exhibit: Solutions to a non-existent problem

To experience the feeling or the idea of ​​freedom one also needs to have a sense of oppression and restriction. These stand in contrast to each other, but are also in opposition to each other and so they relate. They need each other to be there. The feeling of freedom for me is intertwined with the idea of ​​movement. The restriction of a movement can thus function as a way to emphasize and underline its freedom.

Movement is a big part of language and cognitive-communication. Determining how we communicate, what we communicate, how our communication is received and how we can highlight verbal expression through movement. I believe things as body language or how one shapes their own body can speak a more truthful language than what we verbally or rationally convey. Thus it is relevant for me as an artist to show how this important form of communication can execute itself in multiple ways. And how we as humans can allow ourselves to listen to what our bodies have to say.