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Otro Banda di Lama

Client: CMMA
Short Film for Marketing Campaign: Habri Bo Wowo
Team: Freeway Creative Agency
Casting Director - Art Director & Styling : Laura de Vogel

What would you do in a situation of desperation? For many in our neighboring countries, conflict, political turmoil, and poverty lead the vulnerable into marginalization. But what if someone offered you a way out?

“Otro banda di lama” (Across the sea) tells the story of Pedro and Camila, a couple who leave their family behind and risk their lives to find a better future, only to be deceived and trafficked by a network of criminals. Their story is a dramatization, but this is the reality playing out right under our noses.

Go to to find more information about human trafficking and migrant smuggling.


This film was made for the 48 Hour Film Project 2019 
Concept: We The Film People
Art Direction & Styling: Jess Wolff  
Ass. Art Direction & Styling: Laura de Vogel
First AD & Production: Jeng Leong & Laura de Vogel 

Struggling with mental health issues, a young man seeks help from a healer.

Starring: Darwin Winklaar, Franchesca Thomas & Wouter Koeneman
Local Awards: Best Film 3rd Place Best Actor Best Sound Design

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