Since graduating in 2011 I've initiated my own projects and have been hired to do work for companies and individuals. From print and digital graphic design projects to working in curating, art direction, research & concept development, creative consultation, and production. Because of my versatile background in both creative and administrative areas I am very deployable. As a visual artist and freelancer, I know what it means to do work independently. But I love to be part of a community where people can stimulate and learn from each other. Through the use of a creative mindset, I can quickly organize things and often come up with surprising ideas both in the artistic and in the corporate field. Because of my open attitude, I am very accessible and like to be part of a team. I have a very hands-on work attitude and like to make myself useful in every situation

Research and Concepts

As an independent creative I've always developed and executed my own work. Writing out and developing concepts, producing the works, and finally presenting them to an audience. Through my work in the commercial creative field, I have gained more experience in ​managing commercial campaigns. Producing commercials from start to finish, art direction, scriptwriting & casting.

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Art Direction & Production


As a freelance creative, I've been asked to be part of projects including film productions as an art director and producing. Being part of these projects from beginning to end made it a complete team effort in which we were all part of and could support each other's processes in the best way possible.

Coordinator &

Starting in 2012, I've initiated creative events and exhibits which has led me to be hired to coordinate and curate different projects. 

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Design &


Both through my internships and projects for clients I have produced a variety of print media such as; catalogs, artists'​ books, folders, posters & flyers. I've also executed digital designs providing branding and web design for small companies and individuals.

Freeway Creative Agency

Through my work in the commercial creative field, I have gained experience in ​managing campaigns for governmental purposes as well as commercial purposes. Producing commercials and campaigns, design & branding, presenting concepts to clients, account management, and social media management.

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